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Thus passed our tenth anniversary

News date: 2012-06-18




Yesterday, the 10th Krakow Photomonth Festival reached the end of its run. What’s been happening in Krakow over this last exceptional month?




Throughout the Festival, we’ve been celebrating 10 years of the Krakow Photomonth Festival with you. As befits a ten-year-old: there were many distinguished guests, there was a birthday party with a huge cake, the was a joint birthday picture on Plac Szczepański, there was the fun-packed search for the "Face of Photomonth", and many, many other opportunities to celebrate! Thank you for having fun with us!




The birthday Festival’s schedule held its traditional section – the Main Programme – which was a showcase for 9 fantastic exhibitions. This birthday gift to you gave us as much pleasure! The exhibitions, visited en masse, inspire us with pride, both because of the unique content and the supreme formal values: from the monumental exhibition of Alexander Rodchenko and the iconic Jerzy Lewczyński, though Jason Evans’ experiment or the outstanding works of Sally Mann and Viviane Sassen, the amazing exhibition of works from the collection of Cezary Pieczyński, and the new face of René Magritte, to the disturbing photographs of Lieko Shiga and the daring Sergey Bratkov





Another element well known to Festival audiences was the very popular ShowOFF Section, this year based on the choices made by five curatorial duos. The ten young artists selected to participate in the Festival, working together with their mentors, completed the exhibition side of the event in a fascinating way.




The innovation – and great success! – of this year's Krakow Photomonth Festival was the Experimental Section. The exhibition Photography in everyday life let us put into practice our slogan JOIN US. The public willingly joined in the creation of the exhibition and the processes started by the fabulous group of curators, organisers, researchers and artists working together with the initiator of the project, Charlotte Cotton, and and Karol Hordziej, curator of the exhibition. The interactive exhibit changed and grew from hour to hour. The result? An exhibition which exceeded our wildest expectations! This couldn’t have happened without the lively commitment and active participation of the public – THANK YOU! Without you it would’ve been impossible!




THANK YOU for JOINING US, marked our birthday with us, and celebrated photography. You’re only 10 once!





Right now, we’re working on the next edition of the Festival. The countdown to the start of the Krakow Photomonth Festival 2013 has already begun. But let’s not part for the whole year – stay in touch with us! Visit us on the Ramp of the Foundation for the Visual Arts. Come and browse the FSW offers available online. After this year’s Festival, it has been enriched with new albums, photobooks and unique original prints available in limited editions. We also invite you to follow our activities between successive editions of the Festival – exhibitions, publications and events. This coming Friday, 22 June, we’d like to welcome you to the Gliwice Art Reading Room to the opening of an exhibition of photographs by Zofia Rydet: Sociological Record 19781990!




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