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Tadeusz Rolke, Paris 1965







Over many years – from the first preserved pictures from 1944 until today – Tadeusz Rolke has been attempting to “capture moments” with the aid of his camera. For many years, he worked as a reporter, writing about happenings at the Foksal gallery and doing fashion photography for Przekrój magazine. The exhibit in MOCAK presents photographs which Witek Orski, an artist and curator affiliated with Warsaw’s Czułość gallery, pulled out from Rolke’s archive (with his permission, of course). 

Thanks to the meeting of the two photographers, we have the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Rolke’s work with models. Much as in Helmut Newton’s famous album Us and Them, we can see not only the effects of the photographer’s work, but also the artist himself, surrounded by models. Instead of admiring the female bodies, we observe the building of relationships between the photographer and the models; we get to know the maestro himself. In this case, the fashion of Communist Poland is the background of a story that could no longer take place today. Instead of a huge industry, we see cosy meetings; instead of products of global corporations, plain clothes made locally in Poland.


Tadeusz Rolke (born 1929, Warszawa)

A great of Polish journalism photography. During his decades-long career, he has worked for magazines including Ty i Ja, Przekrój, Stolica and Świat. In the 1970s, he emigrated to Germany, where he created the famous cycle “Fischmarkt” in Hamburg. After returning to Poland in the ‘80s, he published three albums. Today he lives and works in Warsaw. 


Museum Of Contemporary Art Kraków MOCAK
ul. Lipowa 4

Vernissage: 16.05.2013, 18:00

Open: 17.05–16.06; TUE–SUN 11:00–19:00

Easy access for the disabled.