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showOFF 2013
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MILENA NATALIA SOPOROWSKA Photomonth_kropki_duze

Milena Natalia Soporowska, Guest Rooms (1), 2012





Guest Rooms

Soporowska’s Guest Rooms consists of a dozen photographs showing museum interiors. These are not contemporary spaces; the author has chosen postcards that show typical historical exhibit rooms.
The reproduced interiors are subjected to analysis, not of the “historic-artificial” kind, but an exclusively colour-based analysis. The collection is constructed with the use of the visual gesture. The model museum illustrations with baroque or mannerist qualities, have been augmented by a modernist “growth.” It is a type of object created in the process of doing the spectral analysis of the postcard’s color, done with the use of acrylic paints. These two aesthetic experiences meet in the process of reproduction-historical realism meets abstract experimentation.
The selection of Milena N. Soporowska as one of the ShowOFF winners was an obvious choice. In addition to offering reflection about aesthetics and perception, the author seems to represent a different-almost trans-photographic-way of using the photographic medium. The work is both dazzling and visually sophisticated.
Milena Natalia Soporowska (born 1989, Warsaw)
Works in the medium of photography, often combining it with other techniques to ultimately create a kind of collage. Photographs using everything she can, from a traditional analogue camera to a computer or a scanner. Graduate of the basic course at Association of Polish Artist Photographers. Studies history of art at University of Warsaw and at the Academy of Photography in Warsaw.
Guest Rooms
Curator: Bownik
Galeria Trzecie Oko, ul. Bocheńska 5
Vernissage: 17.05.2013, 16:30 
Open: 17.05–16.06.2013; WEN-FRI 16:00-20:00 SAT-SUN 13:00-17:00