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Synchrodogs, Untitled, from the series Fobia, 2011. C-print © Synchrodogs






The photographs taken by Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven show the artists themselves in non-realistic situations: in strange poses, or engaged in uncommon activities. The photographs are created with the use of analogue cameras, and they are full of unusually saturated bright colours; one could describe their aesthetics as an embodiment of the contemporary photography that dominates the internet today.
The basic motif in their images is the clash of man’s and nature’s products, with nature frequently providing the context for the photographs. The artists select surreal landscapes, and their ideal place for a photo shoot would be a space that magically loses its earthly character. They are more interested in various eccentricities than in current fashion trends.
Even though they work for fashion magazines, they often do not employ models or a whole team of assistants – they usually just work together. Objects reminiscent of theatre props are especially important to them. In the Crypsis exhibit in New Roman gallery we can view works from two series: Animalism, Naturalism and Phobia
A joint project of two young Ukrainian artists – Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven. The pair have been synchronised in their work, lives, and thinking since 2008. In recent years, they have published in Vice, Dazed and Confused and Neon. They also have a blog ( and showcase their works at many international exhibitions. They published their first album, Byzantine, in 2013. 
New Roman Gallery
ul. Krasickiego 9/8
Vernissage: 17.05.2013, 20:00
Open: 18.05–16.06; TUE–SUN 12:00–18:00