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showOFF 2013
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ANNA KIEBLESZ Photomonth_kropki_duze

Anna Kieblesz, Untitled, 2012






She is a restless artist. Her approach to photography is characterised by freedom and ease in combining means of expression, together with a simultaneously penetrating experience of her own path. She thus naturally turns to puncturing, scratching, or heating the image with which she has decided to work. For Kielbesz, this artistic practise has the character of a deliberate search; the tradition of experimentation with form leads the artist to her own private discoveries. As she works with household archives, photographs that were lent to her, or simply pictures that she took, she opens the horizon of laboratory experiments and sensitivity to the surrealism of our surroundings. Here we will notice both the spiritualist ectoplasm and echoes of the avant-garde absolute film.
The selection of Anna Kieblesz as a ShowOFF laureate was prompted by the discovery of “Whirl” in her creativity. This is a rare and invaluable quality.
Anna Kieblesz (born 1991)
Graduate of the Academy of Photography in Warsaw. Exhibited her works at Pauza Gallery (during Krakow Photomonth) and Gallery 022 in Warsaw. Experimenting with form, she finds her place in photography between intimate, personal documentary and artistic creation. Lives and creates her artworks in Warsaw.
Curator: Bownik
Malopolska Garden of Arts, ul. Rajska 12
Vernissage: 18.05.2013; 17:00
Open: 18.05–14.06.2013; MON-FRI 15:00-19:00