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YURKO DYACHYSHYN Photomonth_kropki_duze

Yurko Dyachyshyn, Untitled, from the Slavik's Fashion series, 2012







Slavik’s Fashion is a cycle of photographs showing an unusual fashion collection from the streets of Lviv. Over 100 photographs depict Slavik-a homeless man, who is dressed differently in each picture. “Slavik is 55 years old, he is a homeless Gypsy, and has a particular lifestyle, quite unfitting for a vagrant: he does not walk around with a bunch of bags, does not rummage through garbage cans, does not talk to other homeless folks. He almost never wears the same outfit outfits, sometimes changing twice in one day, he regularly changes his hairstyle, and shaves under his armpits!” This is how Yurko Dyachyshyn describes the protagonist of his project.
The photographs were taken during chance encounters on the streets of Lviv. Fascinated by Slavik, Yurko planned to create a series of documentary photographs, which would be augmented by a psychological portrait. However, Slavik never told him his story. Still, he came up with the places and poses in which he was to be photographed. One could say that he is the co-author of the project, as a result of which this cycle is very different from Dyachyshyn’s earlier works.
Yurko Dyachyshyn (born 1980, Lviv, Ukraine)
Freelance photographer since 2002. Works as a photographer for Ukrainian and international media – advertising and PR photography. Privately, he works on long-term documentary and art photographic projects. Lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine. His most important exhibitions were Carpathian Shepherds (2009), His Dreams (2010), and Benches (2012).
Slavik's Fashion
Curator: Cecylia Malik
Angel Wawel, ul. Koletek 12
Vernissage: 19.05.2013, 17:30
Open: 17.05–16.06.2013
Easy access for the disabled.