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Piotr Macha, Vision, from the Bloody Harvest series, 2012






Piotr Macha’s artistic interests extend to various media. The idea at the heart of Bloody Harvest is a trailer of a 1950s film that never existed (not even as a potential plan). Fragments of the film, photographs and a poster, as well as sketches and storyboards comprise an image of a history that never was.
The trailer of a 1954 film Bloody Harvest, which was never actually made, is a response to a missing link in the chain of Polish cinematography. This is because Piotr Macha points to a genre that was extremely popular in the West but nearly nonexistent in Poland: monster movies and science fiction
B-movies, where human fears took on the shapes of mutated monsters, supersized animals, or aliens who posed a mortal threat to human existence. These movies offered personifications of the moods that often reflected the socio-political situation. This type of cinema became a sort of therapy, thanks to which it became possible to work through various national traumas that could be concealed in various guises.
Piotr Macha (born 1982, Sosnowiec)
Works with images – painting as well as film and photography. Attended the University of Arts in Poznań, from which he graduated in 2010 in the painting studio of Prof. Dominik Lejman. His most important exhibitions are AAAkupunktura (2012) and Ĺťycie leniwe, nadzieja natarczywa [Lazy Life, Insistent Hope] (2010).
Bloody Harvest
Curator: Dorota Buczkowska
Opcja, ul. Piłsudskiego 38
Vernissage: 16.05.2013, 17:00 
Open: 16.05–16.06.2013; THR-SUN 10:00-18:00