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Fotokasty – Review

News date: 2010-05-21

Ahead of us there are two days of one of the most fascinating and, at the same time, controversial forms of photoreportage: Fotokasty, which are multimedia materials combining photography, film, and a soundtrack. If this is the first time you’ve heard of fotokasty and you would like to satisfy your thirst for knowledge immediately – go to

Today’s presentation can look after itself: Fotokasty creators are international household names in photography represented by the VII (Seven) and MediaStorm agencies and including Joachim Ladefoged, Luis Sinco, Ron Haviv, Antonin Kratochvil and James Nachtwey. The screening of the mysteriously named Coffee & Bloody Mary sounds like it’s going to be really tasty! It starts at 8:30 pm in front of the wall of the Hotel Astoria in Kazimierz (on the corner of Józefa and Estery streets).

Tomorrow, on the other hand, is time for the winners of the “NewsreportaĹź 2009” competition organised by “Newsweek”. Last year was the first time it was possible to submit photoreportages in the Fotokasty category. Eleven were nominated, and despite the fact that the genre is so young, it won awards and distinctions, and it is these that will be screened tomorrow.
We’ll see the winning fotokasty: Magdalena Wadowska’s and Michał Łuczak’s “Dearest Daddy – A Katyń Tale” (“NajdroĹźszy Tateniek – opowieść katyńska”), Dominika Podczańska-Tchórzewska’s and Albert Zawada’s “Magnesium” (“Magnez”), and “Kili. Warriors at the Roof of Africa"("Kili. Wojownicy na dachu Afryki”) by Adam Golec and Sergiusz Wasilewski, as well as those that received a distinction: Krystian Bielatowicz’s “Shepherds” (“Pasterze”) and “On the Path to the Lord”( “W drodze do Pana”) by Paweł Lączny and Konrad Grześlak – and all of this on Saturday (22nd May) at 9 pm at Camelot Gallery & Imago Mundi Foundation Gallery

And don’t forget to make an appearance at 7 pm in Klub Pauza for the next meeting in the Reading the Image cycle. Today Mikołaj Grynberg and Jakub Skoczek will present the album Auschwitz – What am I Doing Here?

Come and join us!


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