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Photography in Britain after 2000



Update.UK is a multimedia project diagnosing the state of the contemporary British photography scene. The structure of the exhibit draws from previous years, but instead of one curator, this year we have asked nine photography specialists working in UK for their nominations.

We posed two questions. The first concerned the most important and inspiring events in the country since 2000. The publications accompanying these events, gathered on the basis of these responses, have then been made available to visitors. The second question concerned the future. We asked our specialists to choose three people who had appeared on the British photography scene over the past few years whose work, in their opinion, could have an effect on the future development of photography.

Projects by the artists selected are shown in the form of multimedia projections. As a suplement to the exhibition, there are brief interviews with the specialists in the form of video projections.

List of specialists
Charlotte Cotton (curator, writer, creative director of the National Media Museum, London)

Simon Baker (curator of the photography collection at the Tate Modern, London)

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin (artists, lecturers)

Jason Evans (photographer, lecturer)

Gordon MacDonald (artist, projects manager at Photoworks, editor of Photoworks Magazine)

Michael Mack (director of SteidlMack publishers, London)

Martin Parr (photographer, member of the Magnum Photos agency)

Olivier Richon (photographer, professor of photography at the Royal College of Art)

Aaron Schuman (photographer, lecturer, curator, founder of ‘SeeSaw Magazine’)


List of artists, books, project and exhibitions shown in the first part of the exhibition (answers to the question about the most important and inspiring events in the country since 2000)

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin

Julian Germain For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness

Stephen Gill – range of books

Paul Graham A Shimmer of Possibility

Rut Blees Luxemburg Commonsensual

Martin Parr, Gerry Badger The History of the Photobook (vol. 1&2)

Sophy Rickett Sophy Rickett

Simon Roberts We English

Nigel Shafran Ruthbook

Clare Strand Clare Strand: Fotografie und Video

Bettina von Zwehl Bettin von Zwehl

Val Williams ‘How We Are’ at Tate Britain, London and many other brilliant projects

Jason Evans, The Daily Nice (website)

Michael WilsonWilson Centre for Photography

Waalid Ra’ad / The Atlas Group – Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT)

Renzo Martens Episode III

Keith Arnatt I’m a Real Photographer 1974–2002, Photographers’ Gallery, London

Walead Beshty The Photographic Object, Photographers’ Gallery, London

Thomas Hirschorn The Incommensurables Banner, Brighton Biennial 2008

Charlotte Cotton Imperfect Beauty, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Kate Bush and Mark Sladen (Curators) In the Face of History: European Photographers in the 20th Century, Barbican Art Gallery, London, 13 October 2006 – 28 January 2007

Emma Dexter and Thomas Weski (Curators) Cruel and Tender: The Real in the Twentieth Century Photograph, Tate Modern, London, 5 June – 7 September 2003


List of artists whose work is shown in multimedia presentation (answers to the question about British artists who could have an effect on the future development of photography)

Kevin Beck
David Birkin
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
Glen Erler
Tess Hurrell
Steffi Klenz
Seba Kurtis
Alastair Levy
Jo Longhurst
Trish Morrissey
Sarah Pickering
Simon Roberts
Indre Serpytyte
Andy Sewell

Anonymous (The Citizen)
Anonymous (The Insurgent)
Anonymous (The Military)






Update.UK. Photography in Britain after 2000

Coordinator: Iza Rembisz

Grand opening: 8.05.2010, godz. 15:00
Galeria Camelot & Galeria Fundacji Imago Mundi, 17 św. Tomasza st.

Exhibition dates: 8.05–30.05.2010; daily: 12:00–18:00