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PHOTOMONTH IN KRAKOW — 2012 Photomonth_kropki_duze

ROOM Photomonth_kropki_duze


Curator: Zbyszek Łata




Photo by Konrad Szczurek, Room

Photo by Konrad Szczurek, Room




The idea to create a photographic document came about following conversations with an artist living on a Nowa Huta estate. He recalled the years of his childhood. A certain detail from his grandparents’ flat had stuck in his memory – on the walls of their tiny room hung beautiful 19th-century oil landscapes. He would often look at them and be transported to another world – one full of colours and unusual spaces. Years later he recalls how it was thanks to these pictures that he subconsciously entered the world of art. This little tale stuck in my mind too. When I opened my window I saw a block of flats on the other side. Walking to the bus stop, shop, post office, I still wandered around the maze of pavement between blocks. The question formed inside me of how this space influenced my aesthetic development, my sensitivity.

Subconsciously, I perceived the need to surround myself with pictures full of spaces. The Room project is being carried out by young people living on Krakow estates. They are taking part in photographic workshops organised by cultural centres. We will see a section of their space, and look at how they cope with their environment, and whether they even have the need to do so. 




3.06, 16:00 Zbyszek Łata My room is full of photos!

The photographers will participate in the meeting. Children and young people are particularly encouraged to take part. Join in!