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DAWID CYPRIAN KOT Photomonth_kropki_duze

This is No Place for Me

Curator: Mikołaj Komar



This project is an expression of the artist’s rebellion against office work and the ever-tightening grip of bureaucracy. As he himself writes: “Everything in this sphere happens by plan; everyone is buttoned up to the neck by a thousand buttons. I think I would go crazy if I had to get up at the same time, sit at the same desk, and look at the same monitor every day”. At the same time, the project has grown out of admiration for the photographer’s mother, who has been working in a bank for fifteen years.
This is No Place for Me is the beginning of Dawid Kot’s adventure in analogue photography, with which he has been madly in love for eighteen months. It is his first “planned photographic mission”. Taking the photographs, he was accompanied by a feeling of emptiness. Kot felt uncomfortable catching the attention of people working in nearby offices, and he attempted to express this in his photographs.




Dawid Cyprian Kot (b. 1992, Kraków)
A pupil of the 20th General High School and a part-time student at the Academy of Photography in Kraków. He is the author of incomprehensible poetic works which he posts on his blog He appeared in a minor role in Janusz Majewski’s film Mała Matura 1947 (The Little School-leaving Exam 1947).



Dawid Cyprian Kot – This Is No Place for Me
Curator: Mikołaj Komar

Grand opening: 6.05.2010, 7:00 p.m.   
Filmotechnika board, Nowy square
Exhibition dates: 6–30.05; non-stop