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showOFF 2013
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PHOTOMONTH IN KRAKOW — 2010 Photomonth_kropki_duze


•    14.05.2010, 5:00 p.m.
Camelot Gallery & Imago Mundi Foundation Gallery, ul. św. Tomasza 17

Presentation of research results:
Pre-professional Photography. A Sociological Talk

ShowOFF is the part of Photomonth in Krakow that opens the field of professional photography to photo amateurs and those taking their first steps in the professional environment. This year over four hundred applications have come in for the ShowOFF section. During this talk, we shall present the results of a sociological analysis of this material. We’ll trace tendencies, root out consistencies and conections. We shall look for cultural sources and the artists’ inspirations, or lack thereof – non-inspiration, or unlimited freedom of expression.

•    15.05.2010, 3:00 p.m.
Camelot Gallery & Imago Mundi Foundation Gallery, ul. św. Tomasza 17

Curators’ panel:
Between the Snapshot and the Photograph – Amateur Photography as a Reference Point for Professionals

Pop Culture holds a discussion between artists, curators and social researchers on the impact of amateur photography on the work of professionals. Much is said about the reverse process, analysing the effects of professional photographers on amateurs. We flip the perspective and ask: What is amateur photography for the professionals? Does it influence them – and how? Is it a source of inspiration? A threat? Professional photographers’ strategies vacillate between a marked differentiation of their work from amateurs’, and a similarity, imitating the amateur snapshot. We shall invite specialists, amateurs, and the public to try and form a response as to whether the contemporary line between amateur and professional photography is being blurred. Or perhaps it has been transformed, and should be located somewhere entirely different than it has been to date?