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PHOTOMONTH IN KRAKOW — 2010 Photomonth_kropki_duze

"EXKLUSIV" PRESENTS Photomonth_kropki_duze

Photo pass: Exklusiv Magazine and Photomonth invite you for a
discussion about dangerous liaisons between music and photography.


The Opening Weekend of Photomonth in Cracow tends to be a challenge,
especially on Saturday or Sunday morning. Nevertheless, we count on you
to get up( or don't go to sleep at all ), get sober ( or not) and go to
Barka Restaurant for a Polish-British discussion about music and
photography, breakfast and early morning drink for a good start of the

The debaters are an explosive mixture of characters, personalities and
points of view. Each of them will be given a chance of describing, in a
few minutes, what does this eponymous “photo pass” mean, show their
music photographs and tell their story. For some photographers “photo
pass” is an entrance ticket to the club of those, who stand between the
stage and rambardes during the concerts. For others it stands for the
band agreeing for a photo shoot. For some it's the symbolic permission
for showing images behind the music from anthropological or sociological
angle. For some – it's a specific kind of /licentia poetica/. But for
all photographers “photo pass” means one thing : they can get closer to
music then anyone else.

We will be deliberating what music photography was like and what's like
nowadays. What can Poland learn for Great Britain and the other way
round. Where do the pictures of musicians appear, and in what context?
Which of them we find easy to remember and why? What does the role of
music photographer consist of? Do we need a modern version of 70s
Rolling Stone? Maybe Poland still waits for our version of NME? Maybe
future lays in reconciliation with punk and DIY?

Guests of the event:

From Great Britain side:

Chris Salewicz

Jason Evans

Vinca Petersen

From Polish side:

Wojciech Słota -scriptwriter and director of documentary series
/History of Polish rock/. Scriptwriter and director( with Leszek
Gnoiński) of /Beats of Freedom/

Rafał Masłow

Jacek Poremba

Artur Rawicz – concert photographer

Marcin Bąkiewicz – concert photographer

Artur and Marcin organize an annual Polish Concert Photography Contest,
where they award not only professionals, but also amateurs.

Discussiong will be moderated by Chris Salewicz and Karolina Sulej,
Vice Editor and editor of music section in "Exklusiv Magazine".



9.05.2010, 10:00 a.m

Photo pass : Exklusiv Magazine and Photomonth invite you for a
discussion about dangerous liaisons between music and photography

Barka Pathways. Bulwar Kurlandzki, Podgórska st., at the end of Gazowa