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Photoicons in Poland

News date: 2012-06-06



Iconic Photos in Poland. The Researching/ The Voting is a project by Fundacja.DOC realized for the Foundation for the Visual Arts, the organiser of the Krakow Photomonth Festival 2012. Since the start of the Festival, it has been growing rapidly as part of the exhibition Photography in Everyday Life.


Iconic photos are images which are widely recognised by specific social groups. They’re photos that appear before our eyes when someone describes them. Often, we don’t remember the photographer or the date; however, they bring to life associations with a specific event, person, or moment. Photographic icons work on our emotions and fix themselves in our memory. Iconic pictures are works that don’t require a caption, because "everyone" knows them.


The task of seeking out the iconic photographs was, in its first phase, directed to a group of over 300 people associated with cultural activities. In the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art and on the Fundacja.DOC website, you can see the photos they’ve chosen and cast your vote until 17 June.


If you haven’t already voted, it’s an opportunity to visit Bunkier Sztuki and vote for Photoicons, and also participate in two panel discussions scheduled for this weekend: Why do we need iconic photos, and why we remember them? where the panel guests will be Bogna Kietlińska, Patrycja Siwiec and Kuba Śwircz (Saturday, 16:00) and Photo quotes, inspiration, preparation - law and practice? with Marcin Lassota and Adam Tuchliński (Sunday, 16:00).


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