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Weekend like no other!

News date: 2012-06-07

Two exhibitions at the anniversary Photomonth Festival which started earlier are also finishing early. The closing of the exhibition of works by the master of surrealism The Fidelity of Images. René Magritte and photography takes place this Sunday at 19:00 at the International Cultural Centre. The last day of the extraordinary exhibition of photographs by Viviane Sassen Parasomnia at the Pauza Gallery will be 12 June.

We’ll be presenting the weekend plan day by day in broader detail, but it’s worth organising your time now. This weekend will include two panel discussions at the Krakow Photomonth Experimental Section (Bunkier Sztuki) due to the Iconic Photos project: on Saturday at 16:00 Why do we need iconic photos, and why do we remember them? Participating in the meeting will be: Bogna Kietlińska, Patrycja Siwiec and Kuba Śwircz; and on Sunday at 16:00 Photo quotes, inspiration, preparation - law and practice? with Marcin Lassota and Adam Tuchliński.



Also on Sunday, before the closing of the Magritte exhibition at the ICC, at 17:00 there’s the meeting Remake. Painter and photographer with Pola Dwurnik, transferred from an earlier date. Moderator: Marta Eloy-Cichocka.



For Saturday night, we suggest a visit to Przemek Krzakiewicz’s Photo Booth, open on Saturday from 18:00 to 11:00 on Sunday morning. It’ll be an amazing night for this last weekend!



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